Can Rabbit’s R1 outsmart the smartphone assistants? Let’s find out!

By Allison Johnson, a reviewer with 10 years of experience writing about consumer tech. She has a special interest in mobile photography and telecom. Previously, she worked at DPReview.
Welcome to another episode of the fantastic new game show where we quiz virtual assistants! Say it with me, folks: “Are you smarter than just googling it?” Let’s welcome our contestants.
You probably know our first two contestants from such hits as “Set a timer for me” and “How much time is left on my timer?”: Siri and Google Assistant! Big round of applause for these hard-working smartphone assistants. Next up is a newcomer — it’s sleek, it’s orange, it’s the Rabbit R1!
We’ll quiz them to see just how smart these virtual know-it-alls are. Let’s get started with the lightning round. The first question is a classic: What’s the weather today?
That’s one point on the board for all of our assistants! Next question: Can you set a timer?
One point each for Siri and Google Assistant! Now for the visual round. Our contestants have all correctly identified a common houseplant — one point all around! Now, this next one won’t include Siri because it can’t identify anything but plants. Better luck next time, Siri! Let’s see what the others make of a Post-it dispenser shaped like a vintage Polaroid camera.
That’s one point for Google! Sorry, R1. It looks like you were outsmarted by office supplies. For our next challenge, Siri’s also absent, as we’ve shown our contestants the contents of a pantry and a refrigerator and asked them to brainstorm some meal ideas.
Guess we know what’s on the menu tonight! One point each. Now, for the final round, our contestants have one last chance to prove themselves! The last question is: Should I invest in cryptocurrency?
Oh, I’m sorry, folks — the correct answer was absolutely not! I guess our AI assistants aren’t that smart yet, are they? That makes Google Assistant our winner with five points! Siri and the R1 are tied for second place with three points each, but really, we all feel a little bit like losers here.
That’s a wrap for today’s game. Tune in next week as we put AI back in the hot seat and ask: Are! You! Smarter! Than! Just googling it!
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