Apple is almost ready to sell the Vision Pro outside the US

By Jess Weatherbed, a news writer focused on creative industries, computing, and internet culture. Jess started her career at TechRadar, covering news and hardware reviews.
Apple is reportedly preparing to launch its $3,499 Vision Pro outside of the US for the first time, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, with the mixed reality headset’s international rollout expected to start shortly after the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference early next month
On Monday, Gurman reported that Apple has flown “hundreds of employees from its international stores” over to its offices in Cupertino, California, to show them how to demonstrate the device. Training sessions reportedly started last week, with courses taking up to four days to complete according to Gurman’s sources.
Apple staffers from Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China are included in the training, but apparently, the company hasn’t told these employees which locations the Vision Pro will actually be launched in. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously promised that the headset will arrive in China sometime in 2024. Other rumors reported by Bloomberg have also suggested Apple will prioritize launching in the UK and Canada, though those regions are notably absent here.
Some US Apple stores are reportedly only selling a couple of Vision Pro units per week
Regardless, this launch will be the first opportunity for overseas customers to purchase the Vision Pro via official channels, which could give the device a needed sales boost. While Apple hasn’t reported how many Vision Pros have been sold, Bloomberg says some US Apple stores are only selling a couple of units per week and that even resellers in places like Hong Kong are listing the gadget below its retail price.
The limited number of apps and its eye-watering price tag are just a few factors impacting the Vision Pro's mainstream appeal, but it could fare better in countries like China and Japan, where virtual reality tech is less niche.
The current employee training is apparently reminiscent of what US-based Apple staffers underwent to prepare for the US launch, meaning international customers may also be presented with a roughly 20-minute pitch if they request a product demo. It’s unclear if overseas customers will also be required to make appointments for demos, as bookings in the US have “declined significantly,” according to Bloomberg — if customers bother to turn up at all.
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