Gemini on Android becomes more capable and works with Gmail, Messages, YouTube and more

Google’s Gemini on Android, its AI replacement for Google Assistant, will soon be taking advantage of its ability to deeply integrate with Android’s mobile operating system and Google’s apps. At the Google I/O 2024 developer conference on Tuesday, the company announced that users will be able to pull up the Gemini overlay on top of the app they’re using in more ways. It’s also updating Android’s built-in AI model, Gemini Nano. 
Soon, Android users will be able to drag and drop AI-generated images directly into their Gmail, Google Messages and other apps. Meanwhile, YouTube users will be able to tap “Ask this video” to find specific information from within that YouTube video, Google says. 
Those who pay for the upgraded Gemini Advanced will also have the ability to use an “Ask this PDF” option that lets you get answers from the document without having to read through all the pages. Gemini Advanced subscribers pay $19.99 per month for access to AI and receive 2TB of storage along with other Google One benefits.
Already, Gemini on Android could do other things like generate captions on photos, ask questions about articles you’re reading, and perform other generative AI tasks, similar to other AI chatbots. However, OpenAI upstaged Google’s event to announce a GenAI model, GPT-4o (with the o standing for “omni”), that works with text, speech, and video, including what the phone’s camera is seeing. So despite Gemini’s built-in advantages, it will have some competition on mobile devices.
Google says the latest Gemini on Android features will roll out to hundreds of millions of supported devices over the next few months. Over time, Gemini will evolve to offer other suggestions related to what’s on your screen as well. 
Meanwhile, the on-device foundation model on Android, Gemini Nano, will be upgraded to include multimodality. That means it will be able to process text input as well as other means of processing information, including sights, sounds, and spoken language. 
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The official launch comes almost a year after YouTube began experimenting with AI-generated quizzes on its mobile app. 
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Here are quick hits of the biggest news from the keynote as they are announced.
Google Play has a new discovery feature for apps, new ways to acquire users, updates to Play Points, and other enhancements to developer-facing tools.
Soon, Android users will be able to drag and drop AI-generated images directly into their Gmail, Google Messages and other apps.
Veo can capture different visual and cinematic styles, including shots of landscapes and timelapses, and make edits and adjustments to already-generated footage.
In addition to the body of the emails themselves, the feature will also be able to analyze attachments, like PDFs.
The summaries are created based on Gemini’s analysis of insights from Google Maps’ community of more than 300 million contributors.
Google says that over 100,000 developers already tried the service.
The system effectively listens for “conversation patterns commonly associated with scams” in-real time. 
The standard Gemma models were only available in 2 billion and 7 billion parameter versions, making this quite a step up.
This is a great example of a company using generative AI to open its software to more users.
Firebase Genkit is an open source framework that enables developers to quickly build AI into new and existing applications.
This will enable developers to use the on-device model to power their own AI features.
Google’s Circle to Search feature will now be able to solve more complex problems across psychics and math word problems. 
People can now search using a video they upload combined with a text query to get an AI overview of the answers they need.
A search results page based on generative AI as its ranking mechanism will have wide-reaching consequences for online publishers.
Google has built a custom Gemini model for search to combine real-time information, Google’s ranking, long context and multimodal features.
At its Google I/O developer conference, Google on Tuesday announced the next generation of its Tensor Processing Units (TPU) AI chips.
Google is upgrading Gemini, its AI-powered chatbot, with features aimed at making the experience more ambient and contextually useful.
Veo can generate few-seconds-long 1080p video clips given a text prompt.
At Google I/O, Google announced upgrades to Gemini 1.5 Pro, including a bigger context window. .
The AI upgrade will make finding the right content more intuitive and less of a manual search process.
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