Netflix will stop working on older Apple TVs

By Justine Calma, a senior science reporter covering energy and the environment with more than a decade of experience. She is also the host of Hell or High Water: When Disaster Hits Home, a podcast from Vox Media and Audible Originals.
Netflix says it’ll no longer be available on second- and third-generation Apple TVs, which came out more than a decade ago.
The company said in an email to customers that the move is meant to “maintain the best possible Netflix experience.” The change is expected to happen after July 31st, AppleInsider and MacRumors report. Netflix also updated its support page with the news.
The first three generations of Apple TVs are already considered “obsolete” by Apple, which discontinues service for hardware seven years after it has stopped selling a product.
Netflix has stopped support for other old devices, including aging Samsung and Vizio smart TVs and first-generation Roku boxes in 2019. That happened because Netflix had switched from Windows Media DRM to Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM.
Netflix didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry from The Verge about why it made the decision to end support for second- and third-generation Apple TVs now. But both generations are so old that they don’t have Apple’s App Store.
For anyone looking to upgrade, Verizon is currently offering a $40 discount on the latest Apple TV 4K.
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