Startups Weekly: Ups, downs, and silver linings

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As the end of 0% interest rates keeps taking its toll, SoftBank-backed Norway-based online supermarket delivery startup Oda has confirmed 150 layoffs and a refocus on Norway and Sweden, where it hopes to reach profitability next year.
People being let go is never good news, but Oda co-founder Jon Kåre Stene, now a partner at VC firm Skyfall Ventures, hopes that this “could spark off the birth of several new startups in the Norwegian tech scene or strengthen companies already set out on a journey.” Europe already has several startup factories — think Skype — and now it could be Norway’s turn.  
Hardware is hard, episode 234: We already knew that Humane’s Ai Pin launch was going anything but smoothly. Now the startup urges customers to stop using its charging case due to battery fire concerns. This is “out of an abundance of caution” and based on a single complaint, according to Humane, but it is unlikely to help its case.
Reinventing the walkie-talkie: The two co-founders of French startup ten ten are getting little sleep these days as their original social app went viral, with 1 million downloads in their home country and 6 million globally.
Sued, fined, and evicted: AI mortgage startup LoanSnap isn’t doing well. With backers such as Reid Hoffman, Richard Branson and the Chainsmokers, it has employees deeply concerned about its future as worries keep mounting
Falling from height: The inside story of Fisker’s collapse is a fascinating one, and TechCrunch has it. Sean O’Kane worked on this for weeks, and the result is a tale of hubris, power struggles, and the repeated failure to set up basic processes that are foundational for any automaker.
We will dance again: Co-founder and CTO of Firefly, Joseph “Sefi” Genis, was among the hundreds murdered by Hamas on October 7. Now the Israeli startup is forging on.  
Solutions by Text (SBT), a company that gives people a way to pay their bills and apply for loans via text messaging, raised $110 million in funding. But as TechCrunch’s Mary Ann Azevedo noted, “this is not your typical startup raising capital.” The company was bootstrapped from its creation in 2008 to 2021.
Another difference between SBT and the average startup is that it is EBITDA positive and working toward full profitability this year, according to its CEO, David Baxter, who took over in 2021.
Founded by brothers Danny and Mike Cantrell, the company took a turn under Baxter’s helm. 
“We really have transformed the business from more of a founder-led family, lifestyle type of a business, doing roughly 20ish million messages a month to about 150 to 200 million messages a month,” Baxter told TechCrunch.
Hearing of the Ticketmaster antitrust lawsuit made some among us wonder if this could give hope to ticketing startups.
And now Ticketmaster owner Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster was hacked. If your personal data was caught in the breach, that’s not great. But if that’s another step toward getting alternatives, maybe there’s a silver lining.
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The keynote will be focused on Apple’s software offerings and the developers that power them, including the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, visionOS and watchOS.
Welcome to Startups Weekly — Haje’s weekly recap of everything you can’t miss from the world of startups. Anna will be covering for him this week. Sign up here to…
HSBC and BlackRock estimate that the Indian edtech giant Byju’s, once valued at $22 billion, is now worth nothing.
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Voice assistants in general are having an existential moment, and generative AI is poised to be the logical successor.
Education software provider PowerSchool is being taken private by investment firm Bain Capital in a $5.6 billion deal.
Shopify has acquired, the Sequoia-backed Slack alternative, Threads said on its website. The companies didn’t disclose the terms of the deal but said that the team will join…
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Two senior police officials in Bangladesh are accused of collecting and selling citizens’ personal information to criminals on Telegram.
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Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has successfully delivered two astronauts to the International Space Station, a key milestone in the aerospace giant’s quest to certify the capsule for regular crewed missions.  Starliner…
Rivian needs to sell its new revamped vehicles at a profit in order to sustain itself long enough to get to the cheaper mass market R2 SUV on the road.
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Apple is hoping to make WWDC 2024 memorable as it finally spells out its generative AI plans.
As WWDC 2024 nears, all sorts of rumors and leaks have emerged about what iOS 18 and its AI-powered apps and features have in store.
Apple’s annual list of what it considers the best and most innovative software available on its platform is turning its attention to the little guy.
Meta launched its Meta Verified program today along with other features, such as the ability to call large businesses and custom messages.
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