Apple confirms plans to work with Google’s Gemini ‘in the future’

Following a keynote presentation at WWDC 2024 that both introduced Apple Intelligence and confirmed a partnership that brings ChatGPT access to Siri through a deal with OpenAI, SVP Craig Federighi confirmed plans to work with additional third-party models. The first example given by the executive was one the companies with which Apple was exploring a partnership.
“We’re looking forward to doing integrations with other models, including Google Gemini, for instance, in the future,” Federighi said during a post-keynote conversation. He quickly added that the company had “nothing to announce right now, but that’s our general direction.”
OpenAI’s ChatGPT will be the first third-party model to receive integration at some point later this year. Apple says users will be able to access the system without having to sign up for an account or pay for premium services. As for that platform’s integration with the revamped iOS 18 version of Siri, Federighi confirmed that the voice assistant will alert a user before sending them off its own in-house models.
“Now you can do it right through Siri, without going through another tool,” the Apple executive said. “Siri, it’s really important to understand, will ask you before you go to ChatGPT. Then you can have that conversation with ChatGPT. Then, if there’s any helpful data referenced in your question that you might want to supply to ChatGPT, we’re going to ask, ‘Do you want to send this photo?’ From a privacy point of view, you’re always in control and have total transparency.”
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The TechCrunch team runs down all of the biggest news from the Apple WWDC 2024 keynote in an easy-to-skim digest.
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“We’re looking forward to doing integrations with other models, including Google Gemini, for instance, in the future,” Federighi said during WWDC 2024.
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Apple’s SDKs (software development kits) have been updated with a variety of new APIs and frameworks.
Older iPhones or iPhone 15 users won’t be able to use these features.
Soon, Siri will be able to tap ChatGPT for “expertise” where it might be helpful, Apple says.
Apple Intelligence will have an understanding of who you’re talking with in a messaging conversation.
To use InSight, Apple TV+ subscribers can swipe down on their remote to bring up a display with actor names and character information in real time.
Siri is now more natural, more relevant and more personal — and it has new look.
The company has been pushing the feature as integral to all of its various operating system offerings, including iOS, macOS and the latest, VisionOS.
In addition to all the features you can find in the Passwords menu today, there’s a new column on the left that lets you more easily navigate your password collection.
With Smart Script, Apple says it’s making handwriting your notes even smoother and straighter.
iOS’ perennial tips calculating app is finally coming to the larger screen.
The new OS, announced at WWDC 2024, will allow users to mirror their iPhone screen directly on their Mac and even control it.
At Apple’s WWDC 2024, the company announced MacOS Sequoia.
“Messages via Satellite,” announced at Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote, works much like the SOS feature does.
Apple says the new design will lead to less time searching for photos.
Users will be able to lock an app when they hand over their phone.
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In iOS 18, Apple will now support long-requested functionality, like the ability to set app icons and widgets wherever you want.
As expected, this is a pivotal moment for the mobile platform as iOS 18 is going to focus on artificial intelligence.
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The Apple Vision Pro is now available in eight new countries.
VisionOS 2 will come to Vision Pro as a free update later this year.
The security firm said the attacks targeting Snowflake customers is “ongoing,” suggesting the number of affected companies may rise.
French startup Kelvin, which uses computer vision and machine learning to make it easier to audit homes for energy efficiency, has raised $5.1M.
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